Let’s blame the editor

On me and my choice to move my blog to WordPress.

This may be the 10th time I change the blogging engine I use to write those few lines per year. I’m bad a blogging, I know, and I always blame the tool in a way or another. 

I was pretty fond of my choice to go with Jekyll in the beginning, but now I feel like the main reason why I don’t blog is because of it’s not that immediate like a blogging platform would be. I don’t even remember why I was so fond of it. Maybe because it was “hackish” and since I wish to be labeled as a member of the hacker culture that sounded like a good reason to. 

I changed my mind. I don’t feel ashamed for the fact that I change my mind so frequently. And this time I have actually good reasons for. Just to name a few: 

  1. The tool should not stand in your way
  2. The fact that I’m proficient with Vim does not mean that’s the perfect editor for anything
  3. I love to see the final result of what I’m writing while I write. I mean that little bit of formatting which makes everything more pleasant. 

WordPress so far looks great. Very focused on writing the post, no distractions, minimal full screen mode. I can’t notice even the minimum delay between my typing and the letters on screen, which I sometimes I found in some overfeatured web editors instead.

The thing that makes me mad about me and blogging is that I actually like to write a lot and I really can’t understand what’s preventing me to do that. So le’t blame the editor for now, it’s the easiest thing to do. 




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