On becoming a morning guy

Today I woke up at 7:00. Since I started working from home my wakeup time slowly slipped toward the minimum required to be present at work at a decent time. This meant that usually I was not awake before 8:30, sometimes even later. 7:00 is not a big improvement, but a nice start toward the return of a good a good habit.

The main reason is that I was realizing I was no longer able to get much done through the day. I’m not talking about work, which is probably the only thing I kept at constant pace through my whole life. I’m talking about all the rest. When I start working, it’s really hard for me to stop. It’s very common for me, extend my working hours through the lunch break or far beyond 6 pm. I tried to change this behaviour really hard in the past, but it looks like it’s something hardcoded in  my DNA.

I thought it was probably a better idea to try to find some time before I started my wokring day. The idea is that if you want to get something done, and it’s really important for you, that should be the first thing in the day.

Three things I hope to achiveve waking up earlier:

write more

It’s 7:40 now, I’m writing a blog post. For a long time I wanted to write more. It’s not that I miss ideas for writing. I’m quite good at finding new ideas and the will to write, but somehow I was never able to find time. If I’m able to dedicate half an hour per day at writing I’m happy. It’s not much, but enough to practice and improve.

go running

I used to go running at 6pm or so. I know a lot of people goes running early in the morning. I’d like to try. That was my intent today, but I didn’t find the courage to get out in my running shoes. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.  

sleep better

Lately I’m not sleeping all that good. Maybe it’s me eating to much at diner, maybe it’s the kid waking up frequently during the night. I don’t know. They say the earlier you go to sleep the better you sleep. Maybe it works.

Well my half an hour is over, I’ll keep you posted on the benefits of this new habit.