Vanity post: me on linux

I love my current environment so much that I want to share it with somebody. Let’s start from the beginning.

I’m using XFCE, version 4.10 on Debian testing.


I use Whisker menu

The default XFCE Applications Menu is too basic to work effectively just with the keyboard. With Whisker menu I can find apps quickly by tiping the name. I mapped it to he Super button and replaced the default  Applications Menu in the panel.


The Places panel

I like it because it allows me to navigate quickly to the USB drives and mount and unmount them with few clicks. The recent files menu item is useful too.


Parcellite clipboard manager

I admit I still can’t wrap my head around the clipboard management in linux. Parcellite helps, I have a shortcut to view the history.


Greybird, definitely

I could have built Basecamp with the time I spent changing the appearence of my window manager and theme. Greybird theme with and window mananger is the best combination I found so far. You can see it in action here, with Thunar file manager and Tango icons. 


Roboto, a nice looking font

I’m using Roboto, which looks great, very clear, maybe a bit bolder than other sans serif but definitely sharp and easy to read all day long. It keeps perfect proportions at almost any size.


That’s all for now, questions?